MCS*4100: Week 10 Reflection

Take a moment to reflect on the feedback you received from your classmates on your Practice Pitch. Was it helpful? Will you be able to improve your original idea? Why or why not? What surprised you about the feedback you received? 

When I first looked at the feedback that I had gotten from my classmates, I was surprised at how few of them thought that our business plan was viable. Given my passion for the assignment and business plan that we came up with, it was an eye opener to realize that other people didn’t think the same way as us. I sort of expected this, given that the students in class are not our main target market and may not see the importance of implementing a program like this. This was definitely reflected in the feedback that we got. 

Since we were the only group who was pitching a not for profit, I don’t think the student who were evaluating our pitch looked at the business plan from a perspective that views a not for profit as viable. A lot of the concerns seemed to be that we wouldn’t be able to make money as a company, and confusion about the cost structure. This was the last concern of ours – as long as the company breaks even, then we see this as a success. Provided that we are able to educate the children on health and sustainability and influence their lives in a positive way, then our mission is filled. The commerce program continually stresses the importance of increasing profits and stakeholder value, which is not applicable to our program. We jumped off the bandwagon with this assignment, and the evaluations didn’t see the positives in our plan. Although this is a little bit disheartening, we have talked to a lot of people who have children and wish this program was out there for them to utilize. This little strain of hope will keep us going. 


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